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Holiday Stress on Seniors

As we head into the Holidays, it can put an unwelcome but unavoidable stress on our Senior Parents living at home on their own. Keeping up with the daily routine on a normal day can be a challenge, but add in the running around to find presents for the kids and grandkids, holiday cooking, decorations, etc.and it can take a severe toll on the body and mind for almost anyone at any age.

Personal Caregivers are a low cost and budget conscious way to lend that extra much needed hand (or transportation) for anyone that could use it. Personal Caregivers take care of people of all ages and abilities. Do not be afraid to call and get a free estimate from the agency as everything is kept confidential for your protection

Many agencies can provide helpful assistance for as low as $200 a week or less. Not all agencies are the same but all require a minimum amount of time to send a Caregiver to your home. Most are about 3 hour minimums but they can come two or three times a day as well. You as the Client can break up the schedule to fit your personal needs.

No messy moving into your family's home or an Assisted Living. Costs are far more economical and people tend to live longer in their home environment. Consider a Personal Caregiver for your loved one today!

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