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How Do I Pay For Care At Home?

Having a Personal Caregiver at home may sound costly, but not as much as one trip to the hospital for a fall or serious medical condition. Rates vary by company per hour and all agencies charge a minimum of 2-3 hours per visit. This is to ensure that the Caregiver can perform the appropriate services for the Client without doing a fast and ineffective job. Monthly budgets can vary from $400 - $2,500 or more per month depending on hours and services provided. Typically, the more hours you need, the cheaper the hourly rate.

Most people pay for Personal Care Services with their Social Security, Pensions, other forms of income. Sometimes family members help out financially to keep their mom or dad at home because it is still cheaper and safer than moving to an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility. Having one on one care customized to a Senior is what makes PCA (Personal Care Aide) Agencies so effective. The Client is not responsible for criminal background checks, liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, payroll, payroll taxes, CPR/First Aid training, Caregiver training and so much more! If a Caregiver gets hurt at your home taking care of you, you are not personally liable like you would be with a private caregiver you hire on your own. Plus you never know who you are hiring and what they are capable of. #SeniorSafety #CustomizedCare

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